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Behavioural Design Fest 2021

bdf_poster.pngBehavioural Design Fest 2021

Have you ever wondered how you can more effectively influence minds and shape behaviour?

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Most of the things we do as humans have the ultimate aim of influencing behaviour.  That could be the behaviour of your colleagues, children, customers, donors, voters, or even yourself.  Whether you are designing policies, designing communications, designing experiences, designing environments, or designing products, we are all ultimately trying to shape perception and shape behaviour.

No matter what behaviour you are trying to change, Behavioural Design is the method you need to be successful.  It will give you a deep understanding of how people think and why they make decisions, which will in turn allow you to design interventions that lead to genuine and positive behavioural change.

This October, Behavioural Design Fest is coming to Crossbasket Castle. Come join us to learn from the best minds in this fascinating and emerging field.  Featuring speakers from the diverse worlds of academia, business, social change, politics, science and entertainment.  The common theme across them all is how they use a deep human understanding to create better products, services, experiences and interventions.

You will leave full of inspiration from interesting people outside your usual domain, and you will become better at what you do – whether you work in management, leadership, politics, fundraising, marketing, design, hospitality, anything!

So, leave your laptop at home, leave your smartphone alone, and get ready to be inspired at a real-life event again, with a full day of learning from experts in a unique range of disciplines.

This is a full day event with insightful talks from 8 speakers.  There will be a morning and an afternoon coffee break, a fantastic lunch, and a chance for networking at the end.

Join us on Thursday 14th October

Arrival at 9am, departure at 5pm.

£395 early bird price (purchases before 14 Aug)
£459 full price (purchases after 14 Aug)

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Any questions, please reach out to james.tennet@revolutionise.com

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